About Us

At KinSeed Ecologies, we honour plants as our family, within our ecologies.

We recognize plants as individuals, animate beings with their own needs, behaviours, and intrinsic values. The western science of ecology acknowledges that all beings are related in this beautiful tree of life; many indigenous worldviews express deep connection and oneness with all life.

The need for native plant conservation is more acute than ever. In the midst of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction, many plants are endangered and many more are declining in abundance and numbers. Habitat loss, land conversion and mismanagement, and resource extraction continue to accelerate, crowding out our native plant relatives.

Plants have complex and intimate relationships with other beings in the vast ecological web. Co-evolution among plants and their pollinators has driven diversity and specialization of both. More than 500 species of native bees in British Columbia (60% of all bees in Canada) alone rely on the diversity and availability of a wide assortment of plants, relationships forged over thousands of years. Declines in plants results in losses of pollinators. Similarly, the loss of pollinators jeopardizes plant reproduction and health.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bring the delight and wonders of native plants into your family:  in your garden, yard, or community restoration project.  Acknowledge and honour the intrinsic value of the long-standing ecological relationships and roles of all native plants for they are the foundation of life, including yours.

Our Family

We believe that plants are people too!


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