Seeds & Propagation

The Kin Seeds

Truly Local

All our seeds originate in the Kootenays. Local ecotypes contribute to biodiversity conservation.

Wild Beauty

Native plants add something unexpected and delightful to the Kootenay garden.

Natural Connections

Bees, butterflies, birds all need native plants for food and shelter.  Native plants depend on pollinators.  Build habitat, foster relationships.

Doing Business During a Pandemic

Getting Seeds and Advice to You

As we continue to practice physical distancing and taking care of ourselves and others during this health crisis, we have adapted how we can get native seeds and advice to you!  Please contact us via email <> to inquire about how to incorporate truly native seeds into your home spaces.

For seeds, we can either:

  1. mail seeds directly to you (cost of seeds plus postage) or
  2. if you’re in Nelson, you can come by our home to pick up seeds (in ziplock bag attached to mailbox outside front door).

Payment can be in cash (also in ziplock please) or by e-transfer.  Additional information provided by email.  Single species seed packets are $5 ea. and seed mix packets are $7 ea. (please see seeds descriptions below for current selection).  For larger orders we can work with you to make a custom seed mix that best fits your property.

Stay in touch because, as we move into spring and hopefully the easing of physical distancing measures, we could once again be available for home visits and more consultation and, of course will continue to have ecotypic – or truly native – seeds for sale.  Later on the year, we will have native plants for sale as well!

Stay well everyone.


Prepackaged Seeds

The 2021 Seed Selection is officially launched!

We will have a selection of pre-packaged annual and perennial wildflowers, as well as wildflower seed mixes.  For 2021, we added three new species including a grass!

Single species seeds are $5/packet.  Seed mixes are $7/packet (please note, only the Meadow Making Blend is available in the spring this year).

We also offer contract nursery services offering bulk seed (limited species), additional species not currently found on website including some shrubs, and propagated native plants, grown to order.

Seeds can be shipped directly to you or picked up in Nelson.  Payment by e-transfer or cash/cheque (in ziplock bag, if picked up).  Please contact us by email <> for more information.

Growing Instructions for our 2021 Seed Selection can be downloaded here.

Be sure to check out the Bloomin’ Calendar at the bottom of the page!


Half-price Seeds Available This Spring

We’re selling last year’s prepackaged seeds at half price!

We still have some surplus packaged seed from last year.  There may be some reduced seed viability for some species; we would like to get these seeds out the door and into your gardens.  Give them a try and let us know how they do!

First come, first served until they run out.  All 2020 prepackaged seeds are $2.5 ea.

Seeds can be shipped directly to you or picked up in Nelson.  Payment by e-transfer or cash/cheque (in ziplock bag, if picked up).  Please contact us by email <> for more information and to place your order.

Thank you to all who have purchased seeds.  There are only a few left!

Available Single Species Packets:

  • Autumn sneezeweed (Helenium autumnale) – FOUR LEFT (happy bright yellow flowers)
  • Brown-eyed Susan (Gaillardia aristata) – SOLD OUT
  • Common camas (Camassia quamash) – SOLD OUT
  • Common yarrow (Achillea millefolium) – SOLD OUT
  • Curly-cup gumweed (Grindelia squarrosa) – SOLD OUT
  • Douglas’ aster (Symphyotrichum subspicatum) – SOLD OUT
  • Forest clarkia (Clarkia rhomboidea) – FIVE LEFT (precious delicate annual)
  • Golden-aster (Heterotheca villosa) – SOLD OUT
  • Nodding onion (Allium cernuum) – SOLD OUT
  • Roundleaf alumroot (Heuchera cylindrica) – SIX LEFT (bumble bees adore it)
  • Shrubby penstemon (Penstemon fruticosus) – ONE LEFT (blooming now on lower slopes of Mt. Sentinel, Castlegar and similar locales – look for it!)
  • Silverleaf phacelia (Phacelia hastata) – SOLD OUT
  • Wild licorice (Glycyrrhiza lepidota) – SOLD OUT
  • Yellow glacier lily (Erythronium grandiflorum) – SOLD OUT


Easy to Grow Grasses and Annual Native Plants

Idaho Fescue

Festuca idahoensis

  • lovely bunchgrass
  • grasses are important too 
  • adds texture and movement
Pink Fairies

Clarkia pulchella

  • amazing fushia-coloured flowers
  • easy to grow, self-seeding
  • bees love it!
Threadleaf Phacelia

Phacelia linearis

  • small purplish-blue flowers
  • easy to grow, self-seeding
  • bees love it!
Grand Collomia

Collomia grandiflora

  • orange trumpet-like flowers
  • reseeds prolifically
  • gorgeous addition to your garden

Stunning Perennial Native Plants

Western Canada Goldenrod

Solidago lepida

  • critical late fall food source for bumblebees and migrating monarchs!
  • clusters of floral sunshine
Wandering Daisy

Erigeron peregrinus

  • a charmer of a native daisy
  • large showy flowers
  • bees love it!
Douglas Aster

Symphyotrichum subspicatum

  • summer and fall bloomer
  • critical food source for late season pollinators

Heterotheca villosa

  • attracts native metallic green sweat bees!
  • drought tolerant
  • easy to grow
Silverleaf Phacelia

Phacelia hastata

  • flowerheads unfurl like scorpion tail
  • best wildflower for promoting native bee diversity!
Showy Milkweed

Asclepias speciosa

  • our only native milkweed in the region!
  • endangered monarch butterfly host plant
  • unique pink flower clusters
Wild Licorice

Glycyrrhiza lepidota

  • lush woodland legume
  • host plant for rare silver-spotted skipper
  • medicine and tea plant
Parsnip-flowered Buckwheat

Eriogonum heracleoides

  • compact shrub-like perennial
  • clusters of creamy flowers in full bloom
  • start your endangered butterfly garden!
Silky Lupine SOLD OUT

Lupinus sericeus

  • native lupine with silky grey-green foliage and light blue flowers
  • soil building capacities
Brown-eyed Susan

Gaillardia aristata

  • bright yellow flowers with brown centres
  • supports native leaf-cutter bees
  • larval host plant for butterflies and moths
Common Camas

Camassia quamash

  • important early spring bloomer
  • slow growing but worth it!
  • edible bulbs
Roundleaf Alumroot

Heuchera cylindrica

  • spires of cream-coloured flowers
  • supports wide diversity of bees
  • long blooming season
Common Yarrow

Achillea millefolium

  • umbrellas of white flowers
  • attracts many insects
  • fern-like leaves
Yellow Glacier Lily

Erythronium grandiflorum

  • first wildflowers of spring
  • bright yellow flowers
  • takes a few years, but well worth it!
Curly-cup Gumweed

Grindelia squarrosa

  • bright yellow flowers
  • slightly sticky foliage
  • perfect for rock gardens
Nodding Onion

Allium cernuum

  • native onion, all parts edible
  • nodding clusters of pink flowers
  • can be divided
Shrubby Penstemon

Penstemon fruticosus

  • a small-statured shrub!
  • watch bumble bees ‘buzz pollinate’ the flowers
Autumn Sneezeweed

Helenium autumnale

  • don’t worry, it’s not an allergen!
  • sunflower-like yellow blossoms

NEW Wildflower Seed Mixes!

Available only in Fall.

A fall mix of perennial wildflowers selected to attract and support butterflies – and bees and other pollinators too!

Includes Douglas’ Aster, Pearly Everlasting, Showy Milkweed, and Western Canada Goldenrod.

Available in Spring.

A spring mix of both annual and perennial wildflowers perfectly suited for quick meadow making!

Includes: Curly-cup Gumweed, Golden-aster, Pink Fairies, Silverleaf Phacelia, and Threadleaf Phacelia.

Pollinator Seed Blends

We do not have Pollinator Seed Blends available at this time.  Please check back in the Fall.  Thank you!

Custom Seed Mixes and Collection

We specialize in custom seed mixes and seed collecting services to suite your specific needs including larger restoration projects.

Are you looking for seeds that aren’t prepackaged as a mix?   We currently have seeds of many other species available and would be happy to customize a mix appropriate to your garden or restoration site.  Please contact us for a list of current species and for more information. 


Plant Selection

Please check back in Fall 2021 for available plants.  Our micronursery grows a small selection of plants that are native to southeast British Columbia.  Our plants are grown from local, hand-collected seed and without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or inorganic fertilizers.  Please contact us for a list of sizes and availability.

Fall is the best time to get native plants in the ground!


Bloomin’ Calendar – Setting the Table for Native Pollinators!

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